July 10, 2019

CLIMATEORB气候蛋荣获剑桥清洁科技年会全球十大STARTUP 项目获邀参加剑桥清洁科技年会!

CLIMATEORB气候蛋荣获剑桥清洁科技年会全球十大STARTUP 项目获邀参加剑桥清洁科技年会!

Cambridge cleantech. Conference: you will hear from experts in the field about how clean technology can help to overcome global challenges and create a more sustainable future. If you are an SME, you will be able to meet three ‘innovation hungry’ corporates seeking cleantech solutions for their businesses: Enzen, Anglian Water and Urban and Civic.
Businesses, entrepreneurs and academics interested in learning how clean innovation can help us achieve Sustainable Development Goals.
A chance to meet and network with academics and entrepreneurs working in the field of clean technology, and to learn from renowned experts and businesses working to build sustainable solutions.
Keynote Speakers
•    Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley, British Antarctic Survey: How we can work together for a 1.5c future.
•    Lewis Herbert, Leader of Cambridge City Council: How can we support clean growth in Cambridge?
•    Mark Harper, Deputy Head of Sustainable Development, John Swire & Sons: Sustainable Development Goals – the business case
•    Peter Childs, Dyson School of Design Engineering: How design engineering can overcome global challenges
•    Dr Adam Brookes, Anglian Water: How water utilities can use technology innovations to clean up processes。


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