Endereum IPFS Drive

Endereum IPFS Drive is better than traditional cloud drive. It is distributed, secure, and awesome. Our file management platform has some amazing features. You will probably not find, these features with any other IPFS platform.

1. Select IPFS Network

Chose IPFS Public or Private network, before you upload file.

2. Advance Stats

You cen get IPFS Hash of each file. Use Hash to fetch your from file from any IPFS connected server. You can also enable analytics for your important files.

3. Privacy

Control with whom you want to share your files. On public server, your file will be private until its hash is exposed!

4. Smart Miners

Use our smart miners to connect with your IPFS account and be a part of our private network.


Hosting Solution

Blockchain backed distributed secure hosting and storage system

  • Distributed Storage
  • Web App Hosting
  • File Sharing

ĐApp Development

  • Distributed Cloud Computing
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Native App Development

Code Repository

  • Public Git Repository
  • Private Git Repository
  • Code Collaboration
  • Raise and Track Issues

Digital Marketing

  • Decentralized Search Engine
  • App Listing Platform
  • Marketing Tools
  • Payment Gateways

Softwares & Utilities
For The Developers

  • OAuth
  • Identity Verification as a Service
  • Project Management System
  • Wallet Management Services and many more...

Video Streaming

  • Create and share unique content
  • Private Video
  • Comments and voting options
  • Subscription feature, View Count
  • Playlist creation
  • Live Streaming

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.
CHI* Chinese version coming soon.

Privacy Policy

Road Map

Our team working hardly to make archive the roadmap on time.

Q1 – 2018
Creation of Whitepaper

Outlining a company objectives and setting a framework

Q2 – 2018

Online platform for users to gain more knowledge

Q3 – 2018
File Sharing

Release of our Decentralized cloud system

Q4 – 2018
Static Hosting

HTML/ Javascript files duplicated on multiple servers

Q1 – 2019
Endereum Mobile/ Web App

Complete management and monitoring of the app

Q2 – 2019
Payment System

Crypto payments reimagined

Q3 – 2019
Hosting update – Dynamic web page

Content updates with each viewing

Q4 – 2019
SDK tools for NodeJS + Python

Tool kits for developers and beta testers

Q1 – 2020
Developer Tools

Tools for Application Integration

Q2 – 2020
Online Training

Online Training through learning management system

Q3 – 2020
Voice Activation

Customization through voice control

Q4 – 2020
Global Coverage

Send Endereum cloud to space

Meet The Team

Executive team

Endereum team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.


Hellen Ma

Co-Founder/ CEO

Hellen Ma CFO of Endereum has more than 18 years of experience working in different sectors of corporation like Cflying high inc, Cflying Hingh Imports and Exports Inc, Blue Spa Skin product, Endereum Blockchain. She is also the co-founder of Blue Spa Skin product company. It is noted that Blue Spa Skin went to IPO at Hong Kong Stock Market in 1999.She has graduated from Lanzhou University with a degree in biology.. She also comes on our prestigious board with a vast experience of working with countries like Canada, US, Brazil, Japan, Australia and China. Throughout her career, Hellen has proved her as a successful business woman.

Michael Caravetta

Michael Caravetta

Chief Infrastructure/ Security Officer

Michael brings in about 37 plus years of experience in the IT sector, he brings extensive knowledge of Network Infrastructure, Network Security, VOIP and IT Management. Michael brings his experience with corporations like Toronto Stock Exchange, Canadian Depository for Securities, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Trust, Montreal Stock Exchange and Boston Stock Exchange. Michael is currently Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of a leading blockchain development, security and infrastructure solutions company Blockchain Mind.



Chief Technology Officer

Shachindra brings over 5 years of experience working in the technology sector of corporations like Serendipia, Blockchain Mind, Blockchain Mastery, Revotic Engineering, & Wipro. He brings in extensive knowledge of Blockchain Technology, IoT, & Software Development. He has hosted several training sessions on Blockchain Technology. Shachin is vastly experienced in professional speaking and training on computer vision technologies, Python, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and IoT. At Endereum, Shachindra working as Smart Contract Developer.

Bill Wang

Bill Wang

Co-Founder/ President

Bill Wang is the founder and CEO of Endereum. He is a technology enthusiast with a desire to create new products and enhance the consumer experience. Mr. Wang developed his very first app at the age of 16 and since then he has gained experiences in an array of different technological fields. He founded and currently spearheads two of his own companies; Smoke & Ko and Endereum. Mr. Wang is an inventor and creator that has two granted patents and five pending patents. He designed the first game app called “Pick It” which can be downloaded on the Google Play store for free. One of his main projects for 2017 and 2018 is his vape project (Smoke & Ko.).

Mr. Wang changed the way that vape coils function to increase lifespan and decrease future cost. He added key features to the product such as Bluetooth capability, the ability to control nicotine content and many more. He later designed a 3D HUD system that can be used to display important driving information.

Using similar technology, he also invented a 3D hologram for MRI, which takes all the layers from the MRI scan and combines it into a hologram for better comprehensive purposes. Both of these 3D systems are part of separate projects that are both patent pending.

Jason Guo

Jason Guo

Chief Strategy Officer

Founder at JSV Capital, Unicorn Catcher. Partner at Tamarace capital, Angel Investor, Expert of China science & technology evaluation center of most. Executive at some listing companies, 6 years of Internet enterprenurship, and 8 years of ventures experience. Now being Angel Investor, focus on technology and application at AI+, Blockchain+, Internat+. Participated investment in 10+ projects, and some projects have successfully exited.

Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang

Distributed File System Specialist

Kevin Zhang is a master’s graduate student in Computer Science from Suny New Paltz. He has more than 18 years of experience within the information and technology industry. He has gained a great amount of knowledge and skills with the previous companies that he has worked with such as: Solutions Architect at Scotiabank, Team leader/Data scientist, Senior Data Engineer/Architect and Big Data Consultant at Blackberry and lastly a Senior Analyst at Canadian Institution for Health information. He is the current CTO of a company called I-Future Data. Kevin Zhang is also specialized in the several skills including; Hadoop, Big Data, Data Mining and many more.

Jeevitha Jayakumar

Jeevitha Jayakumar

Digital Marketing Manager

Jeevitha leverages her technology, network and HR experience in her role overseeing the EZ Exchange development team in India. She brings over a decade of experience working in the technology, service and marketing divisions of corporations such as Accenture, HP, Wipro, Xerox and Blockchain Mind. Jeevitha has also worked in business HR, overseeing team adherence to processes, reporting and employee engagement. She was previously a process content writer with Xerox and received numerous awards for her excellence in providing technical solutions when employed with HP.

Jeevitha is founder of Constella. She is currently working in the blockchain technology space managing several procedures including website and whitepaper development, investor presentations, smart contracts, management of development teams and conducting research.

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar

Full Stack Web Application Developer

Gaurav’s experience in the technology sector has provided him with extensive knowledge of website and application development including AJAX, REST, IOT, SQL and core Java. He also has experience in website development, dynamic web application development and android APP. Gaurav has also served as a trainer in the areas of digital marketing including SEO, advertising, social media promotion and lead generation, web analytics.

Freddy Li

Freddy Li

Blockchain Developer

Freddy Li was graduated from University of Waterloo as a software engineering master. He had internship in BlackBerry and University of Waterloo Renison college. He worked as full stack developer in China as well. More than seven years experience in software engineering field gives him a solid understanding of architecture and foundation knowledge. Two years ago, Freddy started to pay attention to Blockchain technology because he believes traditional software industry will be overturned by it. Currently Freddy works as a blockchain developer in SkyQuark Ltd. He also provides IPFS solutions to Endereum.


Philip Robinson

Philip Robinson

Storage Advisor

Philip Robinson is a highly accomplished and strategic Senior Project Manager with excellent interpersonal skills who builds and maintains strong teams and alliances. For the past 20 years, he has managed complex projects aligning business goals with innovative technology solutions in the financial industry. He has successfully deployed and delivered numerous high quality enterprise infrastructure applications for a diverse set of clients including the Toronto Stock Exchange.

He is an expert at system migration and drives continuous improvement initiatives in rapidly evolving environments. He is an advocate for agile focused solutions and has strong acumen in change and process management. Most importantly, he is able to see a project through its entire life cycle with engaged and supportive leadership, focused planning and strategic analysis, risk management, and strong communication and feedback processes.

Wenyan Qin

Wenyan Qin

Sr Blockchain Architect

Wenyan Qin has more than 19 years of experience working in the technology sector of corporation like IBM, BMO Capital Markets, John Hancock financial Services, Manulife Financial, Envestbank co ltd, Raindb Technologies, North America BlockchainFoundation, Canadian Digital Asset Exchange Inc field and has worked as a General Manager in the Blockchain Division of Envestbank. He is the founder of 3 companies namely, Canadian Digital Asset Exchange Inc., North American Blockchain Foundation and Raindb Technologies Inc. He believes in the concept of innovation and is looking to restructure the traditional financial system.

Hang Wu

Hang Wu

AI Expert / Blockchain Architect

Hang Wu brings more than 5 years of Experience working in technology sector of corporations like Concentrix, FUUDY, HPB, University of Toronto, RAN Blockchain. He is also one of the co-founders at Fuddy and RAN Blockchain.He believes in improving the technology to the next level by leveraging multi-layered and modularized automation. RAN mission is to push blockchain beyond the next decade.He created a BCI device using closed biofeedback system and cloud/AI powered algorithm to to improve the mental state by 20% or more.He is currently working on building the cheapest wearable to program wetware.

Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma

Payments Advisor

A High Performance IT Leader and Change Agent certified in Lean and Agile methodologies with a proven track record of results in both execution and delivery of strategic projects/programs in the banking and consulting space. Highly skilled at advising, articulating, and collaborating with partners to drive outcomes. Showcases and fosters Integrity, critical thinking, and innovative thinking to accelerate opportunities and solutions.

Expertly versed in specific skills needed to communicate to executives and leaders with a strong acumen on articulating existing and emerging technologies in banking. Contributed as a key member to the overall success of several multi-million dollar transformational programs over the last 10+ years.

Ken Jinkun Xiao

Ken Jinkun Xiao

Business Operations Advisor

Ken is experienced in leading large complicated regulatory and business initiatives, such as Basel, CCAR and IFRS 9. He was leading the modelling stream in large assurance projects for one of the largest banks in Canada for their first-time adoption of IFRS 9. Also he contributes to different assurance and advisory projects related with control design and testing, model governance and validation, and services for three lines-of-defences for the banking clients of a range of sizes.

Ken is familiar with business operations within different lines of business in the banking industry, including retail and commercial banking, wholesale banking and capital market, and provide strategical advices for the banking clients. Ken recently expanded his services to blockchain and cryptocurrency services, advising a number of clients on their compliance and business operation.

Daniel Carrasco

Daniel Carrasco

Fin-tech Advisor

Daniel brings over 20 years of experience in the information technology and consulting industry, delivering successful business management, professional services and information technology solutions for several Fortune 100 companies in North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa. He has brought innovation and expertise to multi-million dollar projects and programs with several international firms.

Daniel is also Founder, President and CEO of XSIUM, an independent venture capital and private equity holding company. His firm owns capital interests in various companies and subsidiaries in the technology, finance, energy, agritech, mining, and services industries.He is determined to drive operational and business excellence, and to adopt and embrace creativity through the use of technology while changing the world we live in, one solution at a time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of information on Enderum ECO System and services we offers. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Endereum is a cloud services platform including but not limited to cloud storage, web hosting, and a reimagined app listing platform.

All data that is stored on the network (User files from cloud storage, Website HTML codes from Web hosting services, and application files from our app listing platform) is stored securely within our nodes using EFS (Endereum File System), an improved version of IPFS.

EFS uses our in-house developed No-Waste system, allowing the network to optimise itself to maximized available storage.


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